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Mortgage News:

  • Bank of Canada May Raise Interest Rate Sooner Than Expected – BMO
  • Central bank holds rate steady but hints at hikes – CBC
  • Are Canadian rate hikes coming? – Globe and Mail
  • Bank of Canada warns it may have to hike rates – Financial Post
  • Deal quickly with your debt: Mark Carney’s serious now – Globe and Mail
  • Buyer beware: Mortgage wars may backfire – Vancouver Sun
  • Borrowers will suffer after interest rate hike – Financial Post
  • Mortgage market tiptoes toward subprime – CBC
  • Canadian market watching to see if Genworth sells – Globe and Mail
  • Canada’s big banks flee nonprime market amid signs of housing downturnFinancial Post
  • Pay Down Debt Ahead of Potential Interest Rate Hikes – BMO
  • Real-Estate News:

  • The true cost of home ownership? Ouch! – Toronto Star
  • Feast or Famine for Canadian Housing Market – BMO Economics
  • Canadian real estate market a tale of two cities – Globe and Mail
  • Toronto’s housing spree might not end well – Montreal Gazette
  • Property Wars: Majority of Canadians Unwilling to Bid Above Asking Price for a Home – BMO
  • Most home buyers would walk away from bidding war: poll – Globe and Mail
  • Hire a real estate agent or go it alone? – Toronto Star
  • GTA REALTORS® Report Mid-Month Resale Housing Market Figures (increase of almost 7%) – TREB
  • GTA REALTORS® Release Q1 Rental Market Report (increase of almost 11%) –
  • Toronto real estate cooling? Nah – Toronto Star
  • House bidding wars: Men tougher – Toronto Star
  • First-time Toronto homebuyers share their lessons – Toronto Star
  • Financial News:

  • Big debt the downside of loading up on real estate – Financial Post
  • US regulators set to narrow swap dealer definition – Reuters
  • Bond yields early indicator – Increases will signal upcoming interest rate rise – Vancouver Sun
  • Once again: Pay down your debts before rates rise – Globe and Mail
  • Covered bonds in dollar soar to fill AAA vacuum – Financial Post
  • A quarter of discounts, price collapses – Financial Post
  • Rising rates, if they happen, will be good news – Montreal Gazette
  • Other News:

  • US home prices by city, at a glance (Year-over-Year change) – Associated Press
  • Bank of Canada says BoE governor story inaccurate – Reuters
  • Quote of the week:

    We expect the overnight rate to remain on hold at 1.0% until mid 2013. The rate is expected to move up slowly from there, reaching 2.5% by the end of 2014 and 3.25% by the end of 2015.

    by James Marple and Diana Petramala via — TD Economics.

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