Mortgage, Money and Dream – Our thoughts on Canadian Mortgage Market
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Canadian politicians are once again worried about boiling Real Estate Market. Last time they tighten the market – they ended up boosting the businesses of alternative lenders.

This time they may actually kill the small fry lenders. The regulators are setting rules without properly looking at all the aftermath it may bring in. People need home to live and they have to get at any cost.

Tightening mortgage rules will increase the agony of the homeowners but that will not stop them from buying or renting one.

Our request to Canadian Finance Minister – Please make things more transparent.

Mortgage News:

  • Department of Finance confidentially circulated a discussion paper to lenders – to tighten mortgages further – CMT
  • Ottawa ready to clamp down on housing market to prevent bubble – Macleans
  • Jim Flaherty vows to intervene in housing market again if needed – Globe and Mail
  • CMLS Financial Releases In-Depth Q3 Commercial Mortgage Commentary – CMLS
  • Mortgage rates today are way below normal. Or are they? – Globe and Mail
  • Why Flexible-Rate Mortgages Make Sense – Wall Street Journal
  • Two-in-Five Borrowers Shorten Term When Refinancing – Freddie Mac
  • Mortgage rates will decline further – CMP

Real-Estate News:

  • Canadian home prices inch higher, but tepid gain signals cooling market – FP
  • Canadian home prices inch higher in October, Teranet says – FP
  • Canadian home sales drop most in a year as chances of rate hike fade – FP
  • Want to protect your new home’s view? Get it in writing – Star
  • Condo rents hit new high amid ‘seemingly insatiable’ demand – Star
  • Office vacancy rate in Toronto set to soar: report – Star
  • Canadian home sales fall back in October – CREA
  • Echo boomers set to hit the housing market in 2016 – Star
  • Houses and hell: Why Canada isn’t on the fiery route – Financial Post
  • Home sales dip in October as market cools since hot summer – CTV
  • Convenient location and access to outdoors tops wish list for BC homebuyers – Vancouver Sun
  • Canada’s housing market ‘teeters precariously,’ Financial Times warns – Globe and Mail
  • Canadian Housing Bubble? 9 Signs We’re In For A Major Correction – Huffington Post
  • Canadians increasingly want to live near transit: Study – BNN
  • With Toronto buyers tight-fisted, condo builders pick their targets – Globe and Mail

Financial News:

  • Young Canadians More Financially Savvy Than Their Elders: MasterCard Study
  • Canadian consumer debt rises to $25,597, but falls in Toronto and Vancouver – Globe and Mail
  • Six ways financial planners might not have your interests in mind – FP
  • Corporate Canada sets borrowing record in rush to debt market – Globe and Mail
  • Canadian bank recovery behind schedule – Financial Post
  • Canada to emerge as the fourth-fastest growing oil player in the world: IEA – Financial Post
  • Personal Debt Levels Rise, Though Major Canadian Metro Areas See Stabilization – TransUnion

Other News:

  • Study Finds Nearly Half of Canadians Have Encountered Malicious Activity While Shopping Online – McAfee
  • TransUnion: Rate of late payments on US mortgages falls to lowest level since 2008 – Victoria Times Colonist
  • So what does it (really) cost to raise a kid? Do your own math – Globe and Mail
  • Rich people are getting mortgages cheaper than you – CNN Money
  • Does your spouse hold you back financially? – Globe and Mail
  • US housing needs to break its fixed-rate mortgage habit – Globe and Mail
  • Cyber attack ‘war game’ tests London banks – Reuters
  • China’s reform agenda “unprecedented”, official says – Reuters

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