If you want to send us a guest post then please read the following.

We welcome the idea of publishing guest posts. Before we publish a post we should know the person who is sending the post. If you just mail us an article or send us an email then it is not likely to be read. To us guest post is about sharing the knowledge. IT IS NOT ABOUT SEO.

If you are asking to publish guest post to get a back-link then please look elsewhere.  We adhere to the following strict guidelines to consider a guest post.

  • Why should we post it?
  • Please do not spam.
  • Proper identification is required.
  • If it is from someone who is submitting on behalf of a third-party then the full disclosure is needed.
  • All links are rel=nofollow. No exception except my friends.
  • No link to a site which we may consider as link store.
  • Please write in such a way that you would like to read it over and over.
  • We reserve the right to edit the text.
  • Articles will be verified before publishing against duplicate content.