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Canadian Housing awe continues

Recently, three institutions in three different occasions said the same thing – Canadian housing market is overvalued. OECD: IMF: Bank of Canada: All those reports point towards a housing related financial risk but how much of an actual risk exists in the market – everyone failed to

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Should Canada lay off CMHC?

Canadian five years bond yield 10 years chart Nov 13

Inflation has been performing under the normal level for a long time. Bank of Canada with their so called monetary stimulus failed to revive inflation to a healthy level. Beside weak inflation, strong housing is another serious threat to our economy – if it is in a

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Regulators are watching Canadian housing and mortgage market

OSFI does not try to forecast about current state of Canadian residential mortgage market nor its future. It observes the market closely and is ready to take corrective action, if necessary to protect the interest of consumers, depositors and the lenders. This was told by Superintendent Julie

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OECD, Fitch and Bank of Canada Chief have nothing in common

OECD is very optimistic about Canadian economy. It thinks that Canada is heading towards the right direction and it will get out of the current economic turmoil soon. It thinks that Canadian economy will attain its glorious 2% inflation target by the end of 2015. In its

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Rates will go up and we know that – Poloz

A seven years bubble will leave a seven years crater once it bursts – according to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz. Although we have almost made it through the recession but few more miles still remain to be gained. Despite of him defining the most recent

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A report on Canadian housing market – abnormal growth fuelled by CMHC?

A report full of data and the way they are presented – makes it an interesting read. The report covers from secret ingredients made by CMHC to “Jumping Jim” Flaherty – racing his housing hot rod to the finish line. Overall the report looked for obvious weaknesses

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Low Mortgage Rate is Not the Only Factor For High Consumer Debt

BMO started its low rate campaign again, five years fixed mortgage rate for 2.99%. The bank did the same last year also it stopped and started the advertising few times during 2012. Make no mistake, it also offered rates lower rate than 2.99% to some of its

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Real-estate and Housing – Safe or Slipping?

Before you start reading too much between the lines and try to dig deeper into the contradictions of the predictions – something is very clear – There will be no housing garage sale in the summer of 2013. Yeah! Some multi million dollar mansions may sale for

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What was that Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) anyway?

In 2008 in the middle of US financial meltdown, Canadian banks were also taking hit. CIBC was at the center of the focus. In short Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce had few risky exposures south of the border. Five years since then, it appears that the ghost

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Over years debt ratio remained the same for Canadian home owners

The debt load of average Canadian has moved up to a dangerous level. Debt was driven by car loan ballooning mortgage volume and many other factors. Our debt level has quadrupled in last five years. We are hovering miles above the threshold of European pre-crisis debt to

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How to Prepare for Falling House Prices

There have been a lot of attentions on the slippery slope our house prices are taking. Few recent news releases added fuel to the fire. A research Firm, Capital Economics, recently suggested that in coming year the housing market will shed about past three years gains. The

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Bank of Canada and Current Financial Condition – Underwater Household

Before the crisis, it took only 2% reduction of asset value to wipe out capitals of the international banks – said Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada. To protect the financial institutions from a similar disaster in future the international authorities have cranked up the

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