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Canadian mortgage market – a report by CAAMP

June 2014 - total number of Canadian Home owners by mortgage type
Canadian Mortgage Market - Outlook CAAMP publishes a regular report on Canadian mortgage market. The report made an argument that the mortgage regulation changes made in 2012 were detrimental towards housing market. The report pointed out that growth of residential mortgage demand is slowing down year-over-year. AccordingRead more

Does Real Estate market depends on consumers (buyers)?

Generation X and Y on Real Estate

After a lot of thinking, number crunching and hammering an analyst will present a number that still has high degree of uncertainty of being correct. That is how the financial analyses are,  the reason for their high degree of uncertainty is that it depends on many uncertain

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Full effect of mortgage tightening is yet to come – CAAMP

Rate Type Situation - by - Age Group in Canada

According to a report published by CAAMP – housing industry was a major player in the Canadian economic recovery from the last recession. Government intention to slow the market took its toll already but the full impact is yet to be felt – according to Will Dunning,

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Biggest worries of a home buyer

Our biggest worry with a mortgage is directly related with the uncertainty of the interest rate. The first problem with any mortgage is the unsolvable question on future of the interest rate. Mortgage Interest Rate: A raising rate situation is the most feared condition than a falling

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Smart Phone – Do you know what you share?

Use of smartphone is very wide spread now. More than half of the adult population use a smart phone.  Among many attractive features – a smart phone offers very convenient way to access financial information. Most of the big banks have their own apps for online banking.

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Do you suffer from rate shopping syndrome?

Doing a research on rates and shopping for rates are two different things. A mortgage rate research typically means gathering intelligence on rates offered by various lenders and the associated conditions. The research helps a would-be borrower to understand the pros and cons of different offers and

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Why you may not like your bank

How a Canadian Identifies a Good Bank According to 4 in 5 Canadians – low or no fees is the definition of good banking.  6 in 10 Canadians – ready to leave their banks to save money.   Source:

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Did you know that your wife wants to text more than you?

An interesting poll from Ipsos shows that girls like to text more than boys. In North America the main use of cell phone is for making calls. Young generation like to send more texts then older generation.

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Canadians Are Paying Their Debt Down But It Keeps Adding Up – Survey

More than four in five Canadian have debt, says a survey published by BMO – Bank of Montreal. In 2012 only seven in ten had debt but it went up by 15% in 2013. Mortgage is one of the main sources of debt for Canadians. More than

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Running a Mortgage Stress Test? – You may be missing many factors.

The increasing amount of awareness about future mortgage rate raise – reminds us of a very important question. What are we missing in the story? Yes, rate may go up in future and so will be your mortgage payment.That hike will put a bit of stress on

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Some facts about your credit report

A good credit score helps a borrower to obtain good interest rate on their mortgage. So, it is important that you know about your credit report. Equifax or TransUnion, both offer free credit report to consumers – one every year. You should order the free reports every

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New to Canada? What you should know about loans and borrowing

Philosophically, we hardly know about what we do not know. Our knowledge falls short, in front of our boundless lack of knowledge. A newcomer to Canada who is still struggling to settle in – will obviously pay less attention to Canadian financial system till he or she

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