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OECD, Fitch and Bank of Canada Chief have nothing in common

OECD is very optimistic about Canadian economy. It thinks that Canada is heading towards the right direction and it will get out of the current economic turmoil soon. It thinks that Canadian economy will attain its glorious 2% inflation target by the end of 2015. In its […]

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US deadlock – Effect on Canadian Mortgage Market


The debate in US congress is still raging if to pass the law that funds several government programs. The existing law expires tonight and the political tug-of-war continues with the life of government employees at stake. This debate is not the end. Next political showdown will be […]

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Rates will go up and we know that – Poloz

A seven years bubble will leave a seven years crater once it bursts – according to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz. Although we have almost made it through the recession but few more miles still remain to be gained. Despite of him defining the most recent […]

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Worried about the future of Mortgage Rates? – Six trends to watch

If your mortgage renewal is coming up in near future but not that close that you can get a rate hold then this may not be a good time for your future financial plans. Generally most of the lenders offer decent rate for four months (120 days) […]

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Bank of Canada – Inflation will remain low in the near term


Today Bank of Canada decided to keep the Canadian overnight lending target rate at 1%. Team Poloz has decided that the time is not right to change the target rate. Their decision is based on various weaknesses in our economy. Household debt, weak inflation, stalled wages, poor […]

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House Prices – Differences between Various Indicators


The intension was to do a research on the long term impact of low interest rates. The best place to dig for information is Japan and its lost decade. Japanese deflationary economy is an interesting example of recent socio-economic issues countries around the globe are facing today, […]

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Stagnant credit growth – Money is dead. Mortgage, HELOC growth will slow further

It is only about 10% of the money – that is created by the government. Rest of it come from various credit products offered by the banks or financial institutions. The industry grows the money by lending-deposit-lending cycle. Money is required to pump up nominal GDP. In […]

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Collateral charge mortgages – Does it really worth the talk?

In a recent CBC Marketplace report on collateral charge mortgage – offered by TD bank – the product is scrutinized and discussed. We all agree that from the perspective of a well wisher this type of product can have some serious demerits. The person who is borrowing […]

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What was that Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) anyway?

In 2008 in the middle of US financial meltdown, Canadian banks were also taking hit. CIBC was at the center of the focus. In short Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce had few risky exposures south of the border. Five years since then, it appears that the ghost […]

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What is in the hat of 2013– Mortgage and real estate Forecasts

Forecasts are like juicy gossips. Those chatters have a probability of less than 50% to come true. Whatever the cases are those talks give us some ideas to engage with others in a conversation. This holiday season finance was one of many topics of discussion. Often, the […]

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Over years debt ratio remained the same for Canadian home owners

The debt load of average Canadian has moved up to a dangerous level. Debt was driven by car loan ballooning mortgage volume and many other factors. Our debt level has quadrupled in last five years. We are hovering miles above the threshold of European pre-crisis debt to […]

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Difficult time ahead for mortgage brokers

Big banks have the ability to arrange funds easily and they can absorb bit of a downturn. For a lender who only sells mortgage that too in a limited quantity will see some turbulent time in near future. The Housing Effect: As the housing slows and stock […]

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