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How to deal with future higher rate – Lenders re-take on penalty (may be?)

A lender makes money from interest on the loan and/or early breakage penalties paid by a borrower. If a borrower is stubborn not to pre-pay the mortgage before its maturity then the banks only earning is from the interest and some fees. Not all the home owner

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Should Canada lay off CMHC?

Canadian five years bond yield 10 years chart Nov 13

Inflation has been performing under the normal level for a long time. Bank of Canada with their so called monetary stimulus failed to revive inflation to a healthy level. Beside weak inflation, strong housing is another serious threat to our economy – if it is in a

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Full effect of mortgage tightening is yet to come – CAAMP

Rate Type Situation - by - Age Group in Canada

According to a report published by CAAMP – housing industry was a major player in the Canadian economic recovery from the last recession. Government intention to slow the market took its toll already but the full impact is yet to be felt – according to Will Dunning,

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Low rates have no effect on lenders profitability

The last quarter for MCAN and Equitable was good. The housing activity bloomed late in the summer but it helped to inflate the residential lending of the lenders. As a result net income grew compared to 2012. Equitable Bank saw a whopping 24% jump in the Single

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Yield Curve Showing Momentum – Fix it if you can!

Zero coupon yield curve may not be an important chart for our daily schedule but when you are deciding what to do with the future of your mortgage then it comes handy. Yield curve is a reflection of the mind set of bond investors. It shows what

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US deadlock – Effect on Canadian Mortgage Market

The debate in US congress is still raging if to pass the law that funds several government programs. The existing law expires tonight and the political tug-of-war continues with the life of government employees at stake. This debate is not the end. Next political showdown will be

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Canadian Banks – 2013 – Q3 results

Canadian banks once more had a stellar quarter. Except TD (insurance losses) all other banks announced profit and distributed dividends. Please stay tuned – more will be coming up soon.

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No easing of quantitative easing – not yet

The US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did not want to withdraw stimulus from the market. There were recent speculations that feds may start to tighten the market soon – but that is not happening now – not till end of this year. According the US Federal

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Worried about the future of Mortgage Rates? – Six trends to watch

If your mortgage renewal is coming up in near future but not that close that you can get a rate hold then this may not be a good time for your future financial plans. Generally most of the lenders offer decent rate for four months (120 days)

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Our home is a good investment – Really?

This weekend we had a small group discussion over this burning question – is you home a good investment. I wouldn’t say that all the attendees were big financial gurus but no doubt they (including myself) all had common sense. We are mostly hand-to-mouth people. The pay-cheque

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How our kids rate us financially

I wonder what impression an early teen has about his/her parents. Some old sayings are – at this age they start to think that my friends’ dad is smarter than my own (It could be wrong). That could be different from kid to kid and dad to

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Canadians are saving at an accelerated pace – Survey

According to a survey conducted by BMO shows that 23% of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque in 2013. These 2013 number are somewhat comparable to the 2012 but shows a huge improvement over 2011 survey.

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