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Rate forecast – indicators

If the bond yield curve did not improve – rather went down – would the rates improve in short term? What do you think?    

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Rate Outlook – Brief summary

We all know that the market is very volatile right now. Among all those volatilities there are certain indicators those are pointing towards a rate rebound. The short term interest rates like variable rates will go up in 2015 according to RBC Financial Market Forecasts. It has

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Interest rates may not wait for inflation to grow

Interest rate and inflation are generally like two sides of a coin. When one moves one way then the other side follows it. Although it seems to be a general norm but it may not hold ground for long. In 2008 during the financial meltdown Canadian government

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OECD, Fitch and Bank of Canada Chief have nothing in common

OECD is very optimistic about Canadian economy. It thinks that Canada is heading towards the right direction and it will get out of the current economic turmoil soon. It thinks that Canadian economy will attain its glorious 2% inflation target by the end of 2015. In its

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Full effect of mortgage tightening is yet to come – CAAMP

Rate Type Situation - by - Age Group in Canada

According to a report published by CAAMP – housing industry was a major player in the Canadian economic recovery from the last recession. Government intention to slow the market took its toll already but the full impact is yet to be felt – according to Will Dunning,

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Future of Canadian real-estate market is looking up: Report

The housing market is not going to crash in Canada, says a report by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Urban Land Institute. If it is not going to crash then that is not good news for the ones who have been waiting at the sideline for last few years.

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No easing of quantitative easing – not yet

The US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did not want to withdraw stimulus from the market. There were recent speculations that feds may start to tighten the market soon – but that is not happening now – not till end of this year. According the US Federal

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Rates will go up and we know that – Poloz

A seven years bubble will leave a seven years crater once it bursts – according to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz. Although we have almost made it through the recession but few more miles still remain to be gained. Despite of him defining the most recent

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No overnight rate change in 2013 – 0.5% raise in 2014: RBC

In a report RBC predicted that Bank of Canada overnight rate is not going to go up this year. The bank indicates that chance are the rate may go up by 50 basis points in second half of 2014 but that depends on Canadian GDP and household

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Worried about the future of Mortgage Rates? – Six trends to watch

If your mortgage renewal is coming up in near future but not that close that you can get a rate hold then this may not be a good time for your future financial plans. Generally most of the lenders offer decent rate for four months (120 days)

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Slow Market – Two more years?

In the early ‘90s housing downturn – consumers remained worried about taking big loan for about 6 years. It took the market long time to start to recover and that risk avert mindset constrained credit growth in that period of time. If we can take a lesson

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Interest rate would not move much – for now

Five years bond yield is recently showing signs of life. From its historical lows in 2012 – it has recovered more than 100 basis points. Therefore, if our theoretical understanding is correct – that should signal a rate hike. Unfortunately financial market does not exactly follow theory.

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