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BOC overnight rate forecasts from lenders

Economic forecasts are a way to measure the changes in economy. They occasionally turn out to be accurate but that is not the purpose of those outlooks. We all rather use them to judge the mood of the market. It tells us how and when to take

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Mortgage interest rate forecast from a mortgage insurer.

“Mortgage volume is set to grow” that is what predicted by one of Canada’s mortgage insurer, Genworth. In its latest report dubbed Metropolitan Housing Outlook, summer, 2011, the insurer said that the New home prices are expected to rise by just 1.9 per cent this year. The

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Possible change in Inflation control target by BOC ?

Bank of Canada’s Annual Report for the year 2010 is published with its wealth of insight into the Canadian Lender of Last Resort. The report re-affirmed Bank of Canada’s mandate to keep inflation low, stable and predictable. apart from that the Bank promotes a stable and efficient

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Looking ahead – beyond 2012

Weekends are reading time. Throughout the whole week we collect interesting articles – which we never get time to read during the week. All these catch-ups are done in the weekends. I was reading through the BMO Capital Markets Economics and few points caught my attention. BMO

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