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Canadian Housing awe continues

Recently, three institutions in three different occasions said the same thing – Canadian housing market is overvalued. OECD: IMF: Bank of Canada: All those reports point towards a housing related financial risk but how much of an actual risk exists in the market – everyone failed to

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Canadian homeowners are just fine – former Bank of Canada governor.

According to Mark Carney – former governor of Bank of Canada – in an interview with Sky News – Canadian homes are facing lesser amount of danger compared to the ones in United Kingdom. According to him, Canadian homes are 50% less in terms of valuation metrics

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Bank of Canada – A Briefing on Canadian Residential Mortgage Market

Lensers share of residential mortgage market - Bank of Canada

Housing market and mortgage borrowing have been a thorn on the policymakers seats for a while. No one bar the buyers from buying a home and at the same time nothing stopping them to dig deeper into mortgage debt. From the supervisory perspective this is dangerous. This

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Our home is a good investment – Really?

This weekend we had a small group discussion over this burning question – is you home a good investment. I wouldn’t say that all the attendees were big financial gurus but no doubt they (including myself) all had common sense. We are mostly hand-to-mouth people. The pay-cheque

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Housing Affordability Is Good – Due To Low Mortgage Rate – Report

According to Sal Guatieri, Senior Economist of BMO, the housing sales is at its normal level due to tighter mortgage rules and shrinking credit availability. Housing supply (starts) has shrunk to meet the weak demand. Nationally, unsold inventories of condos are not a big problem except Toronto.

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Mortgage rule tightening on its way again

Extended amortizations like 30 and 35 years will soon be on the chopping block of the policy makers. These mortgages are not insured by the government but the regulators are still worrying about them. All the recent actions taken by the government are generally targeted for the

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House Prices – Differences between Various Indicators

The intension was to do a research on the long term impact of low interest rates. The best place to dig for information is Japan and its lost decade. Japanese deflationary economy is an interesting example of recent socio-economic issues countries around the globe are facing today,

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When will mortgage interest rate go up?

What we are experiencing right now is not the right indicator of future.  What future has for us in its bag can be predicted (with median confidence) using some indicators. There are many factors which influence interest rate but only a handful of them have the most

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Real-estate and Housing – Safe or Slipping?

Before you start reading too much between the lines and try to dig deeper into the contradictions of the predictions – something is very clear – There will be no housing garage sale in the summer of 2013. Yeah! Some multi million dollar mansions may sale for

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Canadian Housing Starts – Matching the Stride with Resale.

New home building is slowing – Reported CMHC. In September 2012 the number of starts was slightly above 220,000 units. This number is still well above 2010 number and there is no reason to worry about housing starts. As resale falls so does starts. Resale homes are

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How to Prepare for Falling House Prices

There have been a lot of attentions on the slippery slope our house prices are taking. Few recent news releases added fuel to the fire. A research Firm, Capital Economics, recently suggested that in coming year the housing market will shed about past three years gains. The

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If Housing Prices Fall

Fundamental factors of House Price: Housing market does not work precisely in line with the economic fundamentals. One clear example would be the price versus income growth. Relating income with housing demand is a fundamentally flawed idea. Rather it is inversely related to cost of carrying debt.

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