Mortgage defaults – remained stable for a while

Actual five years fixed mortgage rates offered by brokers

Apart from Alberta, numbers of mortgage defaults or payment misses have remained steady for last two years. Average Canadian mortgage arrear rate has stabilized close to 0.3%. Actual mortgage rate stayed almost flat during this period. That suggests a close correlation between the two – interest rate

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When will mortgage interest rate go up?

What we are experiencing right now is not the right indicator of future.  What future has for us in its bag can be predicted (with median confidence) using some indicators. There are many factors which influence interest rate but only a handful of them have the most

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Mortgage Refinancing and Home Equity Takeout – Outlook

Early last year about one-in-five mortgage borrowers were taking out equity from their homes. On an average they took a bit more than $40,000 off their homes for various reasons. Many went for a fresh new mortgage and some preferred to get a second mortgage or even

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