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Growing inflation, how much worried should you be?

Canadian 5 year Bond Yield - One month trend - June 2014

Last week Canadian consumer price index made a lot of headlines, by reaching 2.3% in May 2014. For the first time in two years that inflation went about 2% mark. As a result all the investors thought that this is a clear indication of future rate hike.

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Mortgage defaults – remained stable for a while

Actual five years fixed mortgage rates offered by brokers

Apart from Alberta, numbers of mortgage defaults or payment misses have remained steady for last two years. Average Canadian mortgage arrear rate has stabilized close to 0.3%. Actual mortgage rate stayed almost flat during this period. That suggests a close correlation between the two – interest rate

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How long 1% overnight rate will continue

Bank of Canada has been running the longest stretch of stable overnight target rate in recent history. There is no end in sight to it. About year and a half ago, Canadian total inflation went negative. At that time the bank said it is a temporary drop

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Bank of Canada – Rate Announcement

It is just a less than a day away – the Bank of Canada rate announcement. All eyes are set on the bank to see how they react to the latest market changes. Housing is allegedly crashing and inflation is low – how would these influence the

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Canadian Debt – No reason to panic

Canadians are comfortable with their debt load – according to a RBC poll. May be they have a lot to pay but they are not worried about that. Hoyes Michalos/ Harris/Decima poll sheds some more in-sights. Only 8% Canadians can get $2000,00 from their savings.

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Aftermath of rate regulation or just basics

Mortgage default insurance regulation has changed. This may or may not affect some borrowers. Few border-line borrowers will be affected. Some rich buyers may not get CMHC insurance. Apart from effected few – it appears that the business will be as usual. That is what some established

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Mortgage rates and trends

Once upon a time people used to save money to buy house. Then came a time when people started to borrow money to buy house – using the same house as a collateral. Now is the time where the economy will stall if people stop borrowing and

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Bank of Canada chief expects the inflation to stay under control through 2013

When any data samples are covering a wide range of values then naturally the standard deviation is high. A lowering σ value denotes lower variability. Hence a reduced spread in the inflation numbers indicates rather generally stable cost of consumer goods. That is what Bank of Canada

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Canadian inflation target stays the same.

Government of Canada and Banks of Canada review country’s inflation target about every five years. That target dictates the BOC overnight target lending rate which partially keeps inflation within that target range. As Canadian dollar is a floating currency, its value or buying power fluctuates with many

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Canadian inflation rate – ten year trends.

Inflation skyrocketed in March 2011. It was the biggest increase in a long time. Thankfully the core CPI – which Bank of Canada monitors for any interest rate decision, did not go above 2% limit. That being said, if the current trend continues then it would not

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Looking beyond 2012 – Inflation outlook by the business owners.

In a recent study by Bank of Canada, business owners are stated to have a stable outlook on inflation rate. The inflation outlook for next two years is stable and within Bank of Canada’s control target. In the above report Bank of Canada also stated that: After

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Interest rate outlook – What future has for us.

If anything can predict financial future then the number one in the list is yield curve. The yield curve shows the relationship between short- and long-term interest rates. As shown in the graph, yield curve usually shows annual interest rate on the vertical axis and duration of

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