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How are the broker lenders doing? CMT explains

Broker lenders market share - Q3 2013

As always CMT published the latest broker lenders market share stats. This chart does not show the mainstream banks or credit unions. It just provides a snapshot of the market share of the lenders who deal with brokers. Only the top tens are shown but there are

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NEXSYS Brokerage Services Discontinued

Since 2008 NEXSYS Financial Inc. has been servicing the Canadian Mortgage Brokerage industry providing underwriting and fulfillment services to mortgage professional across the country.  NEXSYS has decided to discontinue their brokerage channel division in favour of focusing on their lender back office services. Effective immediately, NEXSYS’ Brokerage

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A mortgage brokers own mortgage – not so easy

Mortgage Brokers Own Mortgage

Mortgage agents who negotiate mortgage for the clients often find it challenging to finalize their own deals. Many agents are homeowners and have mortgaged their own home to purchase it. Although they are just like another self-employed person – there are some special challenges they face. Conflict

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Do you suffer from rate shopping syndrome?

Doing a research on rates and shopping for rates are two different things. A mortgage rate research typically means gathering intelligence on rates offered by various lenders and the associated conditions. The research helps a would-be borrower to understand the pros and cons of different offers and

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Lenders are flooded with deals – What is the effect?

This is the closing season. Home buyers who sealed the deal in early summer are now moving in. This season is especially busy as after years of stagnation – mortgage rates are finally moving up. Many potential side-liners have jumped in due to the fear of missing

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Mortgage Architects Acquires Argentum

Ron Swift, CEO of the Pacific Mortgage Group Inc. announced today the acquisition of Argentum Mortgage and Finance Corp (“Argentum”) by Mortgage Architect. Argentum Mortgage Brokers will re-brand under the Mortgage Architects label with the full transition expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2014

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