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Ontario mortgage brokers – How many are there?

FSCO has release the industry data. Although it is bit outdated but it is still packed with very insightful information about the industry. According to FSCO In 2014, Mortgage brokerages reported that they arranged $148 billion of mortgage business and mortgage administrators reported that they administered $101Read more

Use of social media in financial industry [UPDATED]

Every financial service providers took a vow that they will have to have a strong presence in social media. So, they spent a lot of money, time and effort to make them known over social media. Following them, individual financial advisors also started playing the same game.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Black Friday 2013 Edition

This weekend the credit card processing data center computers will require extra cooling. The wave of accumulating debt will flow and the overworked systems will heat up. Often I wish people happy shopping – happy holidays – is so much oldish. Paying off $500 in your mortgage

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Thanksgiving Weekend

The interest rate market remains tight. Plummeting bond yield did not cause enough damage to the rate sheets. Few lenders dropped the rate by few drops but nothing major in sight. Mortgage demand started to show seasonal drop. Number of shoppers have declined. It is time to

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FCM calls for federal actions on Canadian housing

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has sent a letter to Prime Minister of Canada raising concern over excessive housing price in Canada. In the letter it has hi-lighted the following concern One in four Canadians is paying more than they can afford for housing. Mortgage debt

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Canadian Banks – 2013 – Q3 results

Canadian banks once more had a stellar quarter. Except TD (insurance losses) all other banks announced profit and distributed dividends. Please stay tuned – more will be coming up soon.

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Mortgage rate – moving up – and taking everything else up with it

Bond yields are climbing up fast. As a result mortgage rates are walking north too. At first glance it may look like that the lenders are making money – but that is not the case. As a matter of fact lenders – just like us – love

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Labour day Weekend Edition

This week bond yields did not show much sign of slowing down. Bonds kept falling with few pauses. In another news TD bank won most of the rewards of excellence from Ipsos. Actually among all the big banks TD is way ahead of others. The big banks

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Almost There (Back to School)

Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News: Other News: Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M – Caribana weekend edition

Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News: Other News: Thanks for reading. Have a good long weekend.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M. Getting Ready for Long Weekend Edition

Another long weekend is on its way. Summer will pass quickly now. Home buyers will be busy with their movings, soon. Brokers are already busy satisfying conditions from lenders. It was a nice week after a long time. Now it is time to get ready for Civic

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Canadians Are Paying Their Debt Down But It Keeps Adding Up – Survey

More than four in five Canadian have debt, says a survey published by BMO – Bank of Montreal. In 2012 only seven in ten had debt but it went up by 15% in 2013. Mortgage is one of the main sources of debt for Canadians. More than

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