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No end in sight – Bank of Canada rate stagnation

Bank of Canada rate outlook

No one thinks that BoC is going to show any sign of movement tomorrow. We are going to see the stand still overnight rate for a while. Not only the low bond yield but also the long term promise of low short term rate also ticks the

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Inflation – A media round-up

Inflation rates went up to 3.1% for CPI and 1.9% for core-CPI, and it is being discussed all over. Everyone is busy documenting their opinions and sharing ideas. So, let us take a look at what they have to say. According to Bloomberg: The yield on the

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BOC may be raising rate at a slower pace in 2012

A Bloomberg survey found that most economists expect BOC to stay at the sideline till 2012. The forecast for overnight lending rate stands at 1.75% by the end of 2012. In a contrast to the popular believe of no rate reduction in future, the report also indicated

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Short term rate outlook on Prime rate.

In a report today Bloomberg confirmed that there has been a number of speculation on BOC raising interest rate by the second quarter, 2010. Although the news had some conflicting elements, it fairly indicates there would be a raise in Bank Of Canada overnight lending rate (which

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Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) – what is it?

Overnight Index Swap rate from BOC We hear the term Overnight Indexed Swap (a.k.a. OIS) when a central bank meeting on overnight lending rate is due soon. Technically securities like bonds or stocks were swapped when there was a change in investment policy or future outlooks. Now

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