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Fixed Vs Variable – No Clear Winner

Economists from BMO thinks that fixed rate mortgages have made a comeback in recent months. How much of this is actually applicable to an individual – remains debatable. The real truth about a mortgage is that it is unique for each of us. Each borrowers and lenders […]

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Variable Rate Discounts Gaining Momentum Again


The story of variable rate mortgage has been like an ignored person for quite a while. The high discounts were long gone and until recently we were living with few BPS off here and there. Brokers were not making much off Variable Rates either. So, it was […]

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We are in love – with Fixed rate!

Canadians overwhelmingly declared that they now like fixed rate. The relationship with variable has become complicated in recent days. Obviously in this case the reason for this strong bond is Mr. Money. As fixed rate is lower than variable the attraction towards fixed is undeniable. With growing […]

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Factors to consider – Before locking in a fixed rate mortgage

It is very tempting to go for a fixed rate mortgage as the difference between fixed and variable rate is at its historical low. Experts are advising (with OAC) consumers or home buyers to select fixed rate – citing future risk of raising interest rates. Let us […]

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Fixed or Variable – no clear winner

You have heard so many times about risk and stability aspects of variable and fixed mortgages. You also did your research to understand the two and yet you remained as confused as you were. Do not blame yourself for the confusion. As a matter of fact most […]

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Looking to lock in? You are not alone. How to decide?

Increasing number of Canadians are looking to lock in these days, said CIBC. Fixed or Variable? This remained an important question for more than 8 million Canadian. The answer depends on many Chrystal Ball factors. A risk analysis can only tell you the risk and a look […]

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Fixed or Variable Mortgage – Rate after two or five years.

Experts are saying that the variable rates are not that attractive as the fixed rates are lower than those. Very well then, let us flirt with fixed rate mortgage. But now the question is – which one? Two years? Three years? Four or five? Too many options […]

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Fix it or float it? Confused as usual.

There have been a lot of talks about the benefit of fixed rate mortgage in present situation. Fixing the mortgage rate or not to fix it – that is the question. Let us try to get a bit deeper into the issue. First of all what we […]

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Prime Vs variable

This topic is the most discussed and most debatable of all time in mortgage industry. Every single person I met – who has something to do with a mortgage – may have at least once asked me this question. Most statistics so far has shown that variable […]

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Again keeping things in parspective – Fixed Vs Variables.

Usually when I write something I write from my own point of view. Often times it is my own ideas reflected in the writeup. The same is true for a lot of others too. So, when i am reading CIBC market watch over the week end It […]

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Variable rate may not be a better option.

The following article in Financial post is very interesting. I would recommend reading it.Variable rate may no longer win

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Fixed rate moprtgage and Variable rate mortgage

It is always in your mind what is better – Fixed or variable? It is not so easy to decide. The chart below gives you last close to 40 years comparison between two? What do you get? Few places the fixed has gone below variable, but generally […]

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