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Fixed and Prime rate trend

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Bank of Canada – Overnight Rate set to 0.5% – After 5 years

Bank of Canada today reduced it’s target overnight rate one more time. The bank surprised many experts in last January by lowering its target rate, now once more, the bank decided to cut the rate by quarter percent point. Like gasoline price, prime rate do not appear

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Bank of Canada has no news for Canadian borrowers

Canadian latest overnight lending rate and Prime bank rate - BoC
Canadian Interest Rates Bank of Canada, as usual, once more decided not to move its overnight target rate. The bank, Canadian central bank that is, controls overnight lending or short-term lending between Canadian financial institutions using target overnight rate. A low overnight target rate ensures that theRead more

Canadian interest rate on a path to where?

Overnight Rate outlook SOURCE, BMO, TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotia

The weakest growth potential in the Canadian financial landscape belongs to Canadian overnight interest rate. Bank of Canada chief Stephen Poloz thinks that inflation rate is not going to show any sign of life this year. For inflation rate to return to its healthy self may take

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Bank of Canada maintains the target interest rate at 1%

Canadian prime rate and Bank of Canada overnight rate - April 2014

Bank of Canada today announced that it will maintain the key interest rate at 1% till first week of June. The bank expects that the economic conditions will improve in near future and slowly inflation will head North. For now housing is still in a very tricky

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Bank of Canada likely to maintain current course

The Target Overnight Rate is important to a borrower because it is somewhat loosely tied to the Prime Lending Rate set by the lenders. Today the Canadian Central Bank will once again announce its target for the Overnight Lending Rate till 16 April 2014. Experts are not

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Bank of Canada – Target Overnight and Qualifying rate standing still

Bank Of Canada Benchmark Five Years Bond Yield Vs Qualifying Rate December 2013

in Soon, Bank of Canada will announce its target overnight rate for next month and a half. All the speculations are pointing towards no change. Recent weakness in Canadian currency is not a reason for the bank to be alarmed and it is a good thing for

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Bank of Canada – must remain a spectator for a while

Central banks generally talk about rate hike when the economy is booming. Canadian economy shows no sign of any solid performance except housing sector. The issue with Canadian housing sector is – it appears to be founded on quick sand of speculation. Bank of Canada is not

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Dawn is a year away for Canadian Overnight Lending Rate

Bank of Canada manages the overnight lending rates between banks. It oversees the interbank lending through its large value transfer mechanism (Large value is not really large sum of money, it could be much less too – it has to fall under a particular category of transaction

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Bank of Canada – Departure from 2% Inflation Target?

It is not news that Bank of Canada left the overnight target rate as-is (@1%). Prime rate remained at 3% for now. The chorus of the lenders about restriction in the delivery mechanism may be a prelude to push prime up in future – but that is

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Should Bank of Canada raise interest rate?

To answer that question first we need to know why Bank of Canada is keeping the rates low. Looking at few news releases by the central bank – right after their interest rate decision announcement – will give us some idea. One thing will never be clear

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Bank of Canada decided to play safe

Weal Global recovery

There are many reasons for rain or snow. Similarly Bank of Canada had many reasons to keep the low rate low. Overnight target rate is controlled and monitored by the Bank of Canada. It is a trend setter rate. Many other borrowing costs like banks prime rate

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