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Future of Canadian real-estate market is looking up: Report

The housing market is not going to crash in Canada, says a report by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Urban Land Institute. If it is not going to crash then that is not good news for the ones who have been waiting at the sideline for last few years.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: US shutdown edition

The partial government shutdown in US and the fear of federal default has driven the prices of Canadian bonds last week. As a result, the bond yields dropped across the curve but mortgage rates did not show any downward movement yet. Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News:

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Buying home for the first time? – Mortgage tips for the first time home buyers

Every recurring event has a first time. Buying a home can be one of many or just one time experience for all the home buyers. Home buying is an expensive process. So, naturally, buyers do their best to eliminate mistakes. Here we have tried to list few

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How are the other Canadian home-owners doing?

A recent published (2011) Stats Can document provides some insight into the current situations of the Canadian home-owners, in the last five years (2006-11) 80% of new homeowners had a mortgage. The document.

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Influence of Mortgage Rate News on Real-estate Market

Last month Canadian housing saw a surge in resale activities. In the major cities – resale transactions posted a significant jump. This jump made many believe that the initiating event is mortgage rate hike in May 2013. That assumption is not that bad. From May to August

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Our home is a good investment – Really?

This weekend we had a small group discussion over this burning question – is you home a good investment. I wouldn’t say that all the attendees were big financial gurus but no doubt they (including myself) all had common sense. We are mostly hand-to-mouth people. The pay-cheque

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Mortgage Rate Hike Edition

Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News: Other News: Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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What was your mistake when purchased the home?

Main Three Home Buyers Remorse

Statistically speaking, majority of Canadians think that they made a few mistake when they purchased their homes. This information comes out of a latest Ipsos-RBC poll. Six in ten Canadians think they made some type of mistakes. Buyer’s remorse is not very uncommon in consumer world. It

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Canadian Building Permit Declined – Mortgage Tightening to Blame?

In December, value of all building permits issued by Canadian municipalities fell by 11.2%. In November it also fell by 14.5%. The main victim in this downward trend are multi-unit housings, including condos. That sector fell by 24.6%. These numbers came from a recent Statistics Canada release.

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Demographics of Canadian home buyers

If you are thinking of buying a home or you are mortgage broker planning to start an ad campaign – it is always interesting to find out about others. Remax put together a nice survey report named – Canadian homebuyers more experienced, financially prudent moving forward.

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GTA MLS number – Price going up, not sales

GTA housing – TREB reports that number of sales are falling but the prices are going up.

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Reasons For Moving

A survey conducted by ComFree brings many insightful information about Canadian real-estate movements. This post is best viewed with an Adobe Flash enabled device. Each persons feels the urge to move. The intensity of the itch varies between the homeowners.

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