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Canadian mortgage market – a report by CAAMP

June 2014 - total number of Canadian Home owners by mortgage type
Canadian Mortgage Market - Outlook CAAMP publishes a regular report on Canadian mortgage market. The report made an argument that the mortgage regulation changes made in 2012 were detrimental towards housing market. The report pointed out that growth of residential mortgage demand is slowing down year-over-year. AccordingRead more

How are the broker lenders doing? CMT explains

Broker lenders market share - Q3 2013

As always CMT published the latest broker lenders market share stats. This chart does not show the mainstream banks or credit unions. It just provides a snapshot of the market share of the lenders who deal with brokers. Only the top tens are shown but there are

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How our kids rate us financially

I wonder what impression an early teen has about his/her parents. Some old sayings are – at this age they start to think that my friends’ dad is smarter than my own (It could be wrong). That could be different from kid to kid and dad to

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CMHC 2012 report predicts a rate hike in 2014

The 2012 report is out and the followings are some quick observations. Overall average outstanding loan amount of $140,587 At the end of 2012, CMHC’s total insurance-in-force was $566.1 billion essentially unchanged over 2011. Average borrower credit score of 726 for CMHC high ratio homeowner insurance-in-force at

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What was your mistake when purchased the home?

Main Three Home Buyers Remorse

Statistically speaking, majority of Canadians think that they made a few mistake when they purchased their homes. This information comes out of a latest Ipsos-RBC poll. Six in ten Canadians think they made some type of mistakes. Buyer’s remorse is not very uncommon in consumer world. It

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BoC Paper on House Prices and Mortgage Debt

Bank of Canada staffs regularly publish interesting papers on their research. An Equilibrium Analysis of the Rise in House Prices and Mortgage Debt, written by Shaofeng Xu, is a nice informative paper. There are lot to learn from the paper. Following are the excerpts from the paper.

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what will you give up to save money? – ING survey

Who will give up sex to save money

A latest ING survey found many interesting items we are ready to sacrifice for a limited period of time to save money. According to the survey – The survey found more than half of Canadians (56%) don’t feel confident that they’re saving enough each month, but with

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Canadian banks – Q1 2013 – results in charts

The banks came out with their quarterly results and it is now our turn to have a quick look at those numbers. Not that those numbers make much sense and they are as usual full of encrypted languages, but still, there are something to learn. First of

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Mortgage Related Statistics of 2012

It is time to take a look at the past. There have been so many changes that it is difficult to cover all in one single post. Let us take a look at the vital statistics of 2012. We did not cover the house price in this

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New regulation will cost Canadian housing – Dunning

The fall edition of CAAMP survey report is out. This is an excellent piece of free information made available by Will Dunning, via CAAMP. A clear market trend forecast together with mortgage related statistics – this is a gold mine for someone who is looking for some

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Majority of Canadians believe that home is an investment, not an expense – poll

A recent Scotiabank poll revealed that Canadians don’t believe that their home is a hole in their wallets. The biggest dream of our life still remains in its place even after being squeezed by mammoth debt load. The biggest point is that sixty percent of Canadian home

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CAAMP Report – In Charts

CAAMP report is out. Let us have a look at some numbers.

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