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CMHC abandons mortgage loan insurance for condominium development.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation announced that it is bringing in two changes in its mortgage insurance business. The Crown Corporation has been struggling in many fronts. While it is not exactly in a financial trouble but it has drawn critics from many areas. Some of them

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CMHC tightens its rules for second homes and BFS

Only a few weeks ago CMHC announced that it will be raising its mortgage insurance premium effective from May 1st 2014. What we did not anticipate that it is considering further restrictions. It was only a couple of days ago when we have learnt about its further

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CMHC and Genworth to raise mortgage default insurance premium

85% loan to value premium changes

Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) has announced that it will raise the mortgage default insurance premium it charges the borrowers with small down payments (normally 5% to 20%). If you buy a home after May 1st and do not have more than 20% down payment then

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Will mortgage default insurance premium go up?

CMHC - Total Insurance In Force - Q3-2013 ($ billion)

CMHC covers the lenders at the expenses of the borrowers. If you are at the borrowing end of the stick then the pain is yours. In order to own a home -if you do not have enough money –  your mortgage has to be secured against any

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Should Canada lay off CMHC?

Canadian five years bond yield 10 years chart Nov 13

Inflation has been performing under the normal level for a long time. Bank of Canada with their so called monetary stimulus failed to revive inflation to a healthy level. Beside weak inflation, strong housing is another serious threat to our economy – if it is in a

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Should CMHC lower its premium?

A recent report in Financial Post raises the question – should CMHC lower its premium? We see the question as a popular move but it is hard to justify the demand. The bottom line is that if someone doesn’t like to pay the premium then just don’t

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Effective date for new debt service ratio calculation postponed till end of 2014

Few months ago CMHC proposed new changes to the way how debt service ratios are calculated. The main three sticking points were to include – 1)      Unsecured lines of credit and credit cards 2)      Secured lines of credit and 3)      Heating costs. CMHC reported – (at that

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A look into mortgage prepayment penalty – as a MBS investor

Paying penalty to break a mortgage term is not a pleasant experience. You have probably experienced the pinch once or twice during your homeownership. It is interesting to see how the penalties decide pool types on mortgage backed securities. The NHA mortgage backed securities guide speaks a

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CMHC Q2, 2013 results – Insurance-In-Force went down

CMHC reported lower mortgage default rate for the last quarter. Arrears rate went down but there is no news if the premium will go down? Probably CMHC’s risk is not that closely associated with arrear rates. Following are some interesting stats from CMHC’s last quarterly results.

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OSFI explains Balance Sheet Exposure on Capital Adequacy Requirements – Good for banks

Canadian banks – at present do not have a fixed capital ratio requirement. What they have is a mixed bag of guidelines imposed by OSFI. Since the last balance sheet meltdown, various BASEL committees were set up and they came up with ideas to regulate financial institutions

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Long Weekend Surprise from CMHC – Limiting the MBS ceiling at $350m for each bank

Somehow all the federal or federally regulated organizations like to let the rabbit loose from their hats before long weekends. CMHC followed the long venerated tradition this time too. On August 1st it sent a note to the lenders stating that it will be rationing its backstop

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A report on Canadian housing market – abnormal growth fuelled by CMHC?

A report full of data and the way they are presented – makes it an interesting read. The report covers from secret ingredients made by CMHC to “Jumping Jim” Flaherty – racing his housing hot rod to the finish line. Overall the report looked for obvious weaknesses

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