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Canadian Housing awe continues

Recently, three institutions in three different occasions said the same thing – Canadian housing market is overvalued. OECD: IMF: Bank of Canada: All those reports point towards a housing related financial risk but how much of an actual risk exists in the market – everyone failed to

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Canadian mortgage market – a report by CAAMP

June 2014 - total number of Canadian Home owners by mortgage type
Canadian Mortgage Market - Outlook CAAMP publishes a regular report on Canadian mortgage market. The report made an argument that the mortgage regulation changes made in 2012 were detrimental towards housing market. The report pointed out that growth of residential mortgage demand is slowing down year-over-year. AccordingRead more

Lower mortgage rate could not help Canadian housing affordability: RBC

According to RBC’s latest housing affordability report – despite of lower fixed mortgage rate Canadian housing affordability has worsened. An accelerated pace of the housing price has forced the cost of home ownership higher. Single family homes were the worst offender. Single-family homes in Canadian metropolitan cities

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Canadian homeowners are just fine – former Bank of Canada governor.

According to Mark Carney – former governor of Bank of Canada – in an interview with Sky News – Canadian homes are facing lesser amount of danger compared to the ones in United Kingdom. According to him, Canadian homes are 50% less in terms of valuation metrics

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Do you really need a pre-approval?

For many home buyers out there, shopping in a tight market is a very stressful and difficult task. To add to that if the buyer does not know the limit of his or her borrowing ability then it is like a blind date. You may end up

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Homeownership 101 – What people think

Homeowners do realise that owning a home is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and prolonged financial stress (for the ones with mortgage) – but still owning a home brings piece and comfort for the people. Owning their own home gave themRead more

Whatever will happen to mortgage rates if house price fall

Mortgage rate and house price both are very much intertwined. Experts often argue about which one of the two influences the other. Actually it is impossible to say which of two things went down/up first or caused the other to surge/drop. So far, in last ten years

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Does Real Estate market depends on consumers (buyers)?

Generation X and Y on Real Estate

After a lot of thinking, number crunching and hammering an analyst will present a number that still has high degree of uncertainty of being correct. That is how the financial analyses are,  the reason for their high degree of uncertainty is that it depends on many uncertain

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OECD, Fitch and Bank of Canada Chief have nothing in common

OECD is very optimistic about Canadian economy. It thinks that Canada is heading towards the right direction and it will get out of the current economic turmoil soon. It thinks that Canadian economy will attain its glorious 2% inflation target by the end of 2015. In its

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Full effect of mortgage tightening is yet to come – CAAMP

Rate Type Situation - by - Age Group in Canada

According to a report published by CAAMP – housing industry was a major player in the Canadian economic recovery from the last recession. Government intention to slow the market took its toll already but the full impact is yet to be felt – according to Will Dunning,

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First Time Home Buyers – How they shop for mortgage

Income of the first time home buyer

CMHC has published its First Time Home Buyers Survey. It is full of useful information for the mortgage professionals. That does not mean that a home buyer can not gain form it. It is very useful to understand the mindset of a first time home buyer. Who

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FCM calls for federal actions on Canadian housing

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has sent a letter to Prime Minister of Canada raising concern over excessive housing price in Canada. In the letter it has hi-lighted the following concern One in four Canadians is paying more than they can afford for housing. Mortgage debt

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