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Growing inflation, how much worried should you be?

Canadian 5 year Bond Yield - One month trend - June 2014

Last week Canadian consumer price index made a lot of headlines, by reaching 2.3% in May 2014. For the first time in two years that inflation went about 2% mark. As a result all the investors thought that this is a clear indication of future rate hike.

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Mortgage defaults – remained stable for a while

Actual five years fixed mortgage rates offered by brokers

Apart from Alberta, numbers of mortgage defaults or payment misses have remained steady for last two years. Average Canadian mortgage arrear rate has stabilized close to 0.3%. Actual mortgage rate stayed almost flat during this period. That suggests a close correlation between the two – interest rate

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How long 1% overnight rate will continue

Bank of Canada has been running the longest stretch of stable overnight target rate in recent history. There is no end in sight to it. About year and a half ago, Canadian total inflation went negative. At that time the bank said it is a temporary drop

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Aftermath of rate regulation or just basics

Mortgage default insurance regulation has changed. This may or may not affect some borrowers. Few border-line borrowers will be affected. Some rich buyers may not get CMHC insurance. Apart from effected few – it appears that the business will be as usual. That is what some established

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