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Rate structure of lenders – a graphical guide for mortgage shoppers

In the confusing world of rates – how do you shop? To make it simple, the best way is to talk to a mortgage broker.

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Home buyers mortgage choices – in pictures

The result of a survey conducted by CIBC are presented here in charts. The overall home buyers preference may have nothing to do with individual situations. Each situation is different and should be treated on their own merits.

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Does Real Estate market depends on consumers (buyers)?

Generation X and Y on Real Estate

After a lot of thinking, number crunching and hammering an analyst will present a number that still has high degree of uncertainty of being correct. That is how the financial analyses are,  the reason for their high degree of uncertainty is that it depends on many uncertain

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How are the broker lenders doing? CMT explains

Broker lenders market share - Q3 2013

As always CMT published the latest broker lenders market share stats. This chart does not show the mainstream banks or credit unions. It just provides a snapshot of the market share of the lenders who deal with brokers. Only the top tens are shown but there are

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Did you know that your wife wants to text more than you?

An interesting poll from Ipsos shows that girls like to text more than boys. In North America the main use of cell phone is for making calls. Young generation like to send more texts then older generation.

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Canadian Banks – 2013 – Q3 results

Canadian banks once more had a stellar quarter. Except TD (insurance losses) all other banks announced profit and distributed dividends. Please stay tuned – more will be coming up soon.

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How our kids rate us financially

I wonder what impression an early teen has about his/her parents. Some old sayings are – at this age they start to think that my friends’ dad is smarter than my own (It could be wrong). That could be different from kid to kid and dad to

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Canadians are saving at an accelerated pace – Survey

According to a survey conducted by BMO shows that 23% of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque in 2013. These 2013 number are somewhat comparable to the 2012 but shows a huge improvement over 2011 survey.

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Canadians Are Paying Their Debt Down But It Keeps Adding Up – Survey

More than four in five Canadian have debt, says a survey published by BMO – Bank of Montreal. In 2012 only seven in ten had debt but it went up by 15% in 2013. Mortgage is one of the main sources of debt for Canadians. More than

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Canadian – Big 5 Banks – Q2 Results Highlight

It has been a while the banks have published their results. We gave up on solving the Basel II and III puzzle. This time only the obvious results are presented. This time growths were very limited for HELOC and mortgages for most of the lenders.

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Canadian Mortgage Consumers On-line Activity

If you are reading this article then it is very likely that you have access to Internet. A lot of us do our research on-line before buying something. Before buying a perfume or a computer we try to find out what should be a reasonable price and

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Latest Homeowners Mortgage Trends

CAAMP survey results – highlights are below: For mortgages on homes purchased recently (during 2012 and 2013 to date), the average rate is 3.22%. For mortgages renewed recently, the average is 3.15%. By mid-2015, the housing market downturn will cause employment in Canada to be about 150,000

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