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Mortgage Rate War and Eroded Earnings – Banks May Stop Deep Discounts

Rate Competition: In a saturated market it is hard to create new opportunities. Lack of new business drove the lenders in the age-old method of attracting new clients – Undercutting. They started to match rates, even worst – banks started to discount their rates even further. Lenders

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Mortgage Interest Rate Buy Down – A Necessary Evil

We keep hearing this term more often now a days. In this article we shall discuss about some aspects of it and its impacts. What is rate buy-down? This is a very controversial tool used mainly by mortgage agents to offer better rates to clients by sacrificing

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Mortgage rates – Innovations by lenders

Xceed has launched a new product called Super PRIME Mortgage. This is targeted to the borrowers with excellent credit score. As of today the posted rate of Xceed is 3.24%. The lender is offering a 25 bps discount on the rate for the special borrowers so the

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