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CMHC and Genworth to raise mortgage default insurance premium

85% loan to value premium changes

Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) has announced that it will raise the mortgage default insurance premium it charges the borrowers with small down payments (normally 5% to 20%). If you buy a home after May 1st and do not have more than 20% down payment then

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Does Real Estate market depends on consumers (buyers)?

Generation X and Y on Real Estate

After a lot of thinking, number crunching and hammering an analyst will present a number that still has high degree of uncertainty of being correct. That is how the financial analyses are,  the reason for their high degree of uncertainty is that it depends on many uncertain

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Qualifying rate went down by 0.1 percent

The lenders in a recent rate reduction move – pulled the qualifying rate down by a tiny fraction – 0.1% – from its previous 5.34% to 5.24%. Does it really matter much? In one word no! – for borrowers who do not push the boundary of their

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Bank of Canada – A Briefing on Canadian Residential Mortgage Market

Lensers share of residential mortgage market - Bank of Canada

Housing market and mortgage borrowing have been a thorn on the policymakers seats for a while. No one bar the buyers from buying a home and at the same time nothing stopping them to dig deeper into mortgage debt. From the supervisory perspective this is dangerous. This

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Banks reporting Week edition

Median Family Income - Canada 2013

All the big Canadian banks have completed their quarterly reporting. Except few, most have shown a shrinking trend. They are still in black by large factors but the investors were nervous as they want the banks to break record on profit every quarters. Mortgage News: Real-Estate News:

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Black Friday 2013 Edition

This weekend the credit card processing data center computers will require extra cooling. The wave of accumulating debt will flow and the overworked systems will heat up. Often I wish people happy shopping – happy holidays – is so much oldish. Paying off $500 in your mortgage

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Nov 22 2013 Edition

This week bond yields went down again. That was not enough though, to bring the rates down. Back-door rates dropped but the advertised rates are still the same. Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News: Other News: Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: “Remembrance Day” 2013 edition

Canadian politicians are once again worried about boiling Real Estate Market. Last time they tighten the market – they ended up boosting the businesses of alternative lenders. This time they may actually kill the small fry lenders. The regulators are setting rules without properly looking at all

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Political trouble edition

This week there were so many news headlines. Our senators and Twitter, mayor all made it to the top of the headlines. Mortgage News: Real-Estate News: Financial News: Other News: Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend.

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Assistant for mortgage agents and brokers – NEXSYS offering Virtual Office Assistant

Most of the times an establishment of mortgage agents or brokers can be defined as a small business. Among those businesses many are just one person show. The sole performer has to perform many tasks by him alone. Like many other small businesses or self-employed persons mortgage

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Weekly Dose of Vitamin – M: Halloween / Diwali 2013 Edition

Many of us end up spending more than we can. Be it the grocery store or our wedding. Housing, should not be an exception either. Now the question was what drive us to spend more – asked Capital One. The answer was mainly against friends and spouses.

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Weekly Dose of Vitamim – M: no hike by BoC edition

Last week Bank of Canada decided to maintain its position on the sideline. Number of experts voiced their concern that this may encourage another round of real-estate price showdown. While low rate environment is good for housing price rise but it not the only factor. Keeping the

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