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Types of Commercial Properties – There are various types of Commercial Mortgages available for number of commercial businesses

This list gives you an overview of the commercial lending available on various types of businesses.

There are a number of options available for commercial lending. There are three main factors in commercial lending which are outlined in the table below.

Commercial loans

Property Types Loans Qualification
Land Long Term financing Property must have real value
Unique Types of facilities Construction Loans Appraisal must be done by a lender approved Appraiser
Condominium Construction Equity Loan Property must have solid resale prospect
Motels / Hotels Land Acquisition Loan CMHC guidelines must be met for CMHC insured properties
Restaurants / Fast Food Long Term First and Second Mortgages Environmental requirements have to be met (Phase 1 or 2 ESA)
Franchise Gap Financing Amortization period may vary from 5 to 25 years
Gas Stations Equity Withdraw for Development
Office Buildings Refinance Mortgage Loan
Malls / plazas Escrow loan
Self Storage
Golf Courses
Retail Business
Apart from these factor there is also another important aspect in commercial lending:. goodwill financing. It will be discussed in another section at a later time.

Table C.1.1 Commercial Loan Types


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